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PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 4:45 am 
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Finished the dungeon.
Will the item titanforge?
Sunset in Drustvar.

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I am applying for the AW raid team

Originally I played a warlock. In Burning Crusade cleared up to 3/6 in Sunwell. In Wrath cleared up to 10 man heroic Lich King (top 30 world kill) and 25 man hc, then quit the game for school as I was raiding 5/7. This was on Russian servers, in the guild EA. Came back for a bit more in Cataclysm, but didn't really get into it.

For about a year I played on Nostalrius vanilla private server, which was pretty awesome. The content was not really challenging since they didn't get to AQ yet. Also I once more played a warlock, and so my rotation consisted of 1 button. The server community was amazing. Unfortunately the server was shut down. Looking forward to classic release.

In Legion I started playing on EU servers, as a warrior. This was in a few guilds which split up and merged together, the longest under the name Diverse society where I also was an officer in LC for a bit. I didn't really enjoy doing that as there were too many issues to deal with, it's a pretty ungrateful responsibility. After merging with some new people, the raid times were changed and I could no longer attend the clear day, just progression. I mainly just geared up from m+ instead. At that point I raided for a few more months and quit around when Argus planet came out as I was not enjoying ToS much and disinterested in the new patch. Got CE in Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold. I still pop in the guild discord from time to time, it is a shame I cannot play with them anymore due to moving to US.

I've come back to check out BFA which has it's ups and downs so far. I had to make a new US account and have just been playing with dungeon finder groups, cleared up to a couple bosses in mythic Uldir, at which point I felt like I have accomplished everything I could without joining a guild, since cross-realm mythic groups weren't open yet and my mythic pug disbanded due to people starting to raid with their own guilds.
Also I was kind of put off by the general community in pugs, it is often not a pleasant social experience. At this point I took a break from the game again (around late October).

With this new patch I'd like to try and find a guild to raid with to perhaps enjoy the game more together.
PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:37 pm 
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it's a pretty ungrateful responsibility

You aren't kidding! lol

Sounds like you've had quite the adventure with guilds and regions. Welcome to the US. :)

I'd love to chat with you more to find out what brought you to us and go from there.
Would you mind adding me on Bnet? Kaligaran#1236
I'm on most evenings till around midnight central.

Thanks and talk to you soon!


"WoW is all free candy and cookies and cute little pets...and then Kali yelling for hours. Same as it ever was, but with more crazy orcs." - Spirulina 3/15/15
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