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 Post subject: <Crossbones> - About Us
PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2016 2:27 am 
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<Crossbones> About Us

<Crossbones> was formed on September 6th, 2010 as a merger of two successful vanilla raiding guilds; <Brothers of Night>, referred to as BoN, and <Shadow Strikers>, referred to as SS.
The merger came about after 3 years of fantastic joint raiding.

A brief history lesson:

Back in early Burning Crusade, both guilds were longing for progression raiding but were struggling to fill 25 man rosters with dedicated and consistent raiders.

In September 2007, Kaligaran, an officer in SS was introduced to Meric, the GM of BoN.
After some discussions between the officers of the two guilds, we decided to take core raiders from both guilds and try out joint raiding.
Our first joint raid was a successful clear of Gruul's Lair on September 30th, 2007. This launched into an amazing joint raiding venture we lovingly referred to as SSBoN.

Joint raiding was not without growing pains since the both guilds were established and independent. To bridge the gap, we used an addon to combine the two guild chats together and that assisted tremendously in building a sense of community and overcome the tribalistic 'us vs them' mentality.
The guild members and the officers became fast friends.

With the reveal of the guild perks system for Cataclysm, discussions of a merger began. Because the two guilds had been established within 3 weeks of each other during vanilla, neither guild wanted to be 'absorbed' by the other as we had strong independent identities and viewed each other as equal sister guilds.

We considered many names for the guild, mostly SSBoN, Strikers of Night, Brothers of Shadows and so on.
Ultimately, we decided on <Crossbones> because it has 'SSBoN' in the name.

The vast majority of members from BoN and SS chose to join the newly created <Crossbones> and received an automatic ginvite. This seeded our guild with hundreds of great players and helped us to achieve the realm first level 25 guild achievement. In addition, we kept the original officers from both guilds to form the officer team for <Crossbones>.

Post merge, the <Brothers of Night> and <Shadow Strikers> guild tags were retired and remain inactive to this day with only low level officer alts left in each to hold the tags.

Fast forward to today:

Multiple expansions have passed since our merging and the guild is stronger than ever with the majority of our active players having been around since the beginning.

BFA is our 5th expansion since merging and the guild is stronger and more active than ever. We are composed of mature players and have an unparalleled sense of community that extends beyond the game. Our Discord server is active throughout the day and 2018 will see our 7th annual guild party, 4 of which were at/during Blizzcon.
As the guild grows, so do our players. The average guildie age is in the mid-late 30s.

All of the current officers were officers in the original SS and BoN guilds.

The two raiding groups we currently have: Aggro Whores (led by Kaligaran), and GOM (led by Tandarin) were formed on December 1st 2008 at the start of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and continue to thrive on end-game content.

We look forward to the future and enjoying more content and expansions with the fantastic community that is <Crossbones>!


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